Challenge Blog 2

Before I write each blog now I pick up my phone App and have a gander at my countdown to start date and today its reading 28 days, 15 hours, 47 mins, 41 seconds. Its basically just told me that its getting very close……how exciting.

It’s pretty unreal how this challenge is gathering up speed, one min you're running thinking of the idea and the next its all stations go go go. I’ve just got back from a radio interview with Jason Mohamed on BBC Wales. Firstly may I say how very kind it was for inviting me on and giving me some airtime to promote my challenge it means a great deal to me. The problem I get is because of my background and the things I’ve got up to in the past it takes a lot for anyone to trust me especially LIVE on the radio at 10 am in the morning haha. Just a little message to anyone out there who in future would like to interview me regarding the challenge or about anything else I'm more than willing to participate and I’ll be well behaved. There’s a time and a place for certain things.

Anyway, it was a great interview and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Since Sanchez finished many years ago I’ve suffered pretty badly with my confidence for many reasons which I won't go into but I'm proud to say that every day i feel like I'm getting stronger and going into that interview with Jason I was pretty nervous but Jason being a true professional put me at ease and I came out happy as Larry whoever he is (laughter). If you're nervous, worried or scared stiff of anything the best way to approach it is to jump in at the deep end, that's the only way you'll learn.

Back to the challenge ahead. It’s been a week since my accident and I'm pleased to say my mental health is back to normal and my coccyx is not too bad but my back isn't the best. But it isn't getting worse so thats a good thing, fingers crossed I'm back on track. This last week has been manic what with getting things prepped to open a new shop in Swansea and putting the training hours in but I'm managing and loving it. Luckily I have a great team in the Cardiff shop so they're doing a very good job of minding the fort in my absence.

I went to visit Nick and his team at Starley Bikes in the week and they have agreed to make me up my own bike for my challenge which will be made to measure for once so I’ll have the perfectly fitted bike ready for riding every day for 30 days. Considering I’ll be doing 1,680 miles on it I'm going to need it to be comfy and strong. It was great to visit their offices and factory along with seeing how it all works etc, really is quite interesting. Along with my road bike I also spoke about getting a TT bike with them too so have some good plans lined up for that one which I'm looking forward to. If you haven't checked them out please take a look at their website As soon as they announce the bike I’ll let you all check it out via my social networking channels.

Nick was also nice enough to put me in touch with Bikmo bike insurance and they’ve been nice enough to put me on their ambassador program and sorted me out bike insurance for 12 months which is really nice of them. Considering the thefts of bikes and the high percentage of riders getting knocked off their bikes daily its a great idea to get some insurance. Please go and check them out here

I went for a meeting with Jeff and his daughter chloe at bigmoose towers and fair play to Chloe she’s got me a different cycle route for every day of my challenge planned along with swim time starts, what pool, which Peter Alan estate agents I have to be at etc etc. I’ve entered the Cardiff half marathon world championships on March 26th but that starts at about 9am so it looks like I’ll be starting my swim at 3am on the 26th so I have enough time to fit in my bike ride then get to the starting point of the half marathon……..exciting stuff woooooo hoooooo. I may even be strong enough then to give Mo Farah a race (laughter). Organisation by Chloe & Jeff is spot on and I know where and when I need to be every day which is always good.

Whilst writing this my coach Mark Whittle has just messaged me to say “am I ok to up your training for next week and what days are possible?” to which I replied “fire away, I'm free most of the week” he replied “your gonna regret you said that” (laughter) looks like next weeks gonna be interesting.

Also, a few of you have asked how to donate and have said the donate button on here hasn't got a donate system on it. It will very soon and as soon as it does I’ll let you all know.

Thats it for this week. I’m off for a run and a swim today ready for another week of training.

Kind Regards