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Mathew Pritchard

World record holder. Endurance Athelete. Fundraiser. 





Mathew Pritchard, aka ”Pritchard” or “Pritch”, was founder and co-creator of the popular MTV series Dirty Sanchez which came to light from the success of their video Pritchard vs Dainton. Following the success of the series, he went on to star in several more TV shows including  Balls of Steel, Wrecked & Sanchez Gets High.

In recent years Pritch has turned his hand to many extreme challenges to raise money for a variety of worthy causes, which has ultimately led to the creation of Pritchard's £100,000 Challenge.

Achievements to date...

  • Ran John O'Groats to Lands End in 30 days 
  • Cycled John O'Groats to Lands End in 8 days
  • Completed a 50 mile ultra marathon from Brecon to Cardiff
  • Swam the length of Britain's biggest lake, Lake Windemere (10.5 miles), followed by a 270 mile cycle & a 16 mile run
  • Completed 2 London marathons one of them dressed in a Mankini
  • Completed 6 Cardiff half marathons one in full fireman outfit complete with full breathing apparatus 
  • Completed Dublin marathon
  • Skateboarded from Cardiff to Newquay
  • Ran/walked to Dublin in 6 days
  • Cycled to Dublin in 17 hours
  • Completed 2 full ironman triathlons (Ironman uk)
  • Completed 2 Half Ironman triathlons (in Galway, Ireland and Mallorca, Spain)
  • Complete Double Burtal (continuous double ironman)
  • Completed 30 Half Ironman triathlons in 30 days gaining a World Record in the process (in South Wales)
  • Completed continuous triple Ironman in 54 hours.  

The story so far.

Mathew has gone from pro skateboarder to endurance athlete. Watch the video below to see his journey.